Friday, July 18, 2008

Utopia - No

Salvation we have not achieved from the earth (Isaiah 26:18b). In spite of this Scriptural passage, we are usually striving to achieve some sort of salvation with the things of the earth. There are people who believe if you only have the right economic system, then everything will work out wonderfully and people with have what they need. (Some of those who believe this are socialists and others are capitalists.) Likewise, there are many who trust in political systems – if you have the correct one, then everything will be just fine for all. (Again, some of those who believe this way prefer communism, others democracy, others theocracy.) There are those who believe all will be well if everyone is disarmed. But there are others who believe that it is better if everyone is armed. Some believe in giving in to their enemies, others in destroying them.

One could go on and on. There are many different proposals for how to reach utopia. Although not everyone looks at these fixes as a form of salvation, many times we do look at them as a way of saving the planet or saving the human race or the universe. But although all of these systems or plans or proposals have been tried, all of them have failed to produce the desired paradise on earth which we have come to expect or at least hope for.

These plans for saving the planet or human race or whatever are doomed to failure because as human beings we simply lack the ability to achieve our own salvation. Only God can save us. Furthermore, we already have a Savior- Jesus Christ, so we do not need to go looking for another.

I am not denouncing any plans to care for the earth, or to develop a more just society. With God’s help, we should strive for these and many other goods. It is just that without God, and without reference to God, these utopian visions are useless. We will never achieve complete peace and contentment in this life because we have to die and rise again on the Last Day to gain it.

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