Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Another MS 150 Beckons

This weekend, I will be riding in the Sam's MS150 ride from Frisco Texas to Fort Worth Texas. The ride will be Saturday and Sunday, thus I will be posting remarks on the Sunday readings late. There will also be a post about my ride experience. The weather forecast is unpleasant. And if it is raining I am going to wait to begin until it stops. Hiking in the rain is okay with the correct clothes, but being wet and possibly cold is not my idea of fun. Besides, I do not really want to be on a slick road with skinny tires and 3000 other cyclists sporting the same. And my bike already has the 28's, which is the largest that it will accept.

But if it is just cloudy, or cool, or foggy, or hot or humid or whatever else, then I will ride and I will finish. Then there will be a post.

Saturday night I plan on camping out at the Texas Motor Speedway. I hope that the camping area has good drainage.

Maybe I will see some of you all there.

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Anonymous said...

And wasn't it an interesting day Father? I certainly enjoyed the ride although I rode the last 15 miles in the storm! Somewhat disappointed that we couldn't ride Sunday, but nevertheless it was a ride to remember! I hope you did well. Unfortunately with so many riders, there was no way to find anyone that wasn't a HuntWheels team member. I'm looking forward to reading your remarks!
Terri deSaracho