Monday, September 28, 2009

Time Out For Rest and Recreation

This week, I will be taking a few more days off. I will go visit family out of town. If things go right, I will be riding in the Valero MS Bike to the River. When I return, I will have a report of that.

In the meantime, I have been experiencing some internal pains that have been identified with the gall bladder. Various tests have indicated that the organ is not always working at its best and removal of the gall bladder has been advised. So now I am considering when the best time to do it. Presently, the discomfort is very low, so I do not want to take care of it next week during vacation time.

In the meantime, I have learned that a half cup of black coffee in the morning helps keep the pain down to be almost, but not quite imperceptible. It is a great relief.

So I ask for prayers, for myself, and for others who suffer from this malady. Thanks! And I pray for you too.


The Duffs said...

Have a great vacation. You are in our prayers as always but certainly regarding your health! Don't let the gallbladder issue go too long or it really will not be fun at all. Let us know when you're having surgery so we can help out however we can! Wishing you the best,
~ Kelly & Robert

Erik said...

You have not 'blogged' in awhile, I always look forward to your comments - you help more than you may realize. I appreciate your teaching the truth and I pray for you, Fr. Marcus and the parish.