Sunday, January 17, 2010

Water into Wine

See the Readings from the 2nd Sunday of Ordinary Time, Year C.
1. Jesus did this as the beginning of his signs at Cana in Galilee and so revealed his glory, and his disciples began to believe in him. Because Jesus is the Word of God, everything which Jesus says or does reveals something about God. At Cana, Jesus revealed His glory through the changing of the water into wine. In this miraculous sign, Jesus demonstrated that He was the Lord of Creation. Who else could have changed something into something else?
2. We can also see that when Jesus changed the water into wine, He was not cheap or miserly in His actions. He made over 150 gallons of wine for a party which had already consumed all the wine the groom could afford to buy. What an abundance of wine! And it was the good stuff! This is the way God works. He is always giving us an abundance. If you consider how blessed we are to be living on this planet at this time, even in this country. We have the sun, the air, the water, the animals, the plants. Everything that exists belongs to God in the sense that He made it and He keeps it in existence. It belongs to us in the sense that God gave it to us, or at least gave us the opportunity and talent to possess it.
3. It is not that there is enough for the people, it is that God makes more than enough for those who trust in Him. Consider the feeding of the five thousand with the five loaves of bread. The people ate until they were full, and there was still food left over. That is what we have expect from God- heaven is an abundant place.
4. Jesus’ divinity is showed to us, but also we get a glimpse of His true humanity. When Mary His mother tells Him there is no wine, He responds by asking her what that has to do with Him or her. We should not think that Jesus is being disrespectful of His mother by calling her “woman”. Jesus calls Mary “woman” when He is giving her to John for safe keeping as He hung upon the cross. No, Jesus is calling her “woman” because she is the New Eve.
5. Still, Jesus is reluctant to enter into His public ministry. Once He changes the water into wine, there is no going back to the quiet carpenter shop. This first sign puts Jesus on the path to Gethsemani, where He will beg His Father to take the cup of suffering away and on the path to Calvary, where Jesus obeyed the will of the Father and offered Himself for the Salvation of the world.
6. The wedding reveals that Mary has the position to intercede for us. Jesus knew that they had no more wine, but He chose to not do anything about it until His mother asked Him. Mary did not argue with Jesus, she simply turned to the servants and said do whatever He tells you. In spite of His reluctance, Jesus could not resist His mother. In this exchange, the power of Mary’s intercession is revealed.
7. But you know, the miraculous sign could never have happened if the servants did not obey Jesus. That revelation ought to make us think. Do we do whatever Jesus tells us? Or are we always wanting to do things our own way? For example, the Word says be fruitful and multiply, fill the earth and subdue it- do we listen or not? And when we do what Jesus asks, are we doing them completely and joyfully? Or do we act fearfully? The Word says that we should forgive others if we want God to forgive us. Do we forgive or do we hold the rancor? Jesus said not to neglect the tithe and praised generous giving. Do we give generously and easily to the Church and to the poor? Or are we reluctant to share our blessings with the Church? Every drop of water the servants put in the jars were changed to wine. Every drop of water that they left out of the jar would have been one less drop of wine. God gives blessings to us, and when we return them back to Him, He makes them into even bigger and better blessings.
8. That is how God is, not just in the realm of the physical world, but in the realm of the Spirit. There is not a shortage of God’s grace. We do not need to be afraid that if we take a chance on Him that we will lose. Rather God greatly desires to pour fourth His Spirit upon us so that we can live in union with Him. But we must believe in Him and trust Him.

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