Saturday, May 3, 2008

It Has Been One of Those Weeks

It has been one of those weeks. Or at least week-ends. I admit, Thursday was consumed by bike riding and bowling and homily writing. But Friday was First Friday. It was supposed to begin at 6:30am with Mass. Well, it began at 6:30am, when I realized that I was supposed to be awake and over at church. So I jumped up and ran over and we started a little late. Then there was a priest seminar at 10am downtown, then the priest luncheon with the obligatory speeches and what not (they were mercifully short and the meal was really very good).

I drove back to the little town to help someone move some of their belongings to a new apartment in the big city. They do not have access to a truck. I do not own one, but I have a little Subaru that carries a lot. Then I came back in time for 5:30pm confessions for some of the prospective First Communicants. Then Evening Prayer, then Benediction, then Mass at 7pm. Then there was Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament (we have all night adoration on First Friday). Then there was confessions from 8pm until 11pm.

Saturday morning was Morning Prayer and Benediction at 8am. Then First Communion Mass at 10am, followed by pictures. Then a quinceƱera at 1:30pm that actually began closer to 2. Then confessions at 3:30, then Vigil Mass at 5, the First Saturday Rosary. Then I drove into the city to my Uncle Leo and Aunt Carolyn's for their 50th wedding anniversary party. Now it is after 11pm and I am pretty tired.

Yesterday at the clergy luncheon, I heard someone say that "you are not real until you have eaten." It was said in the context of the activities of a fraternal organization. But it fits more most of us. Not just that we need to eat to live, but we celebrate most events of importance with a meal (such as my aunt and uncle's anniversary). Religion is no different. The Israelites had to eat the lamb while slaves in Egypt, or they would not have been rescued. The Christians had to eat the Eucharist (the Lamb of God) in order to fully participate in the mystery of Christ. The Eucharist - the Sacrificial Meal- is what makes us One with Christ in His Body and gives us the strength to fulfill the mission He has sent us on, that is to teach all nations. And we cannot fulfill that mission without the direct help of God and the strength the Lord gives us through the Eucharist.

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