Saturday, May 24, 2008

A New Town

Today I went mountain biking with some of the people of the parish. For a couple of them, it was their first time. But I think they will want to do it again. We rode about 11 miles, which was enough for today. I crashed and my rear wheel is very much out of round now, although not taco-ed yet. It happened so early in the ride that I just loosened the rear brake and rode the rest of the way with only a front brake. Now I get to try my hand at truing a wheel. If not successful, I will take it to the shop.

Last weekend I had to announce some important news. I am being transferred to a larger town and a larger parish. I will no longer be the priest of a small country parish. It is difficult to go, because this town has become my home, with many friends and many spiritual children. So many people let me be part of their family.

Due to my leaving soon, many people have expressed their appreciation and care for me, and it is very touching. Their affection and even their sorrow mean a lot to me, since it reveals that God did something through me. Although I know that there will be many good people in the parish to which I am going, it is still difficult to go away.

The new parish is about three times as big, with twice as many Masses. I hope that I am able to find a substitute for a couple of weekends, so that I can have a vacation and participate in some bike rides I had planned on- like a century.

Eventually I will change the profile to indicate I am the pastor of a large suburban parish, but that will be another day. May God bless the people of this little town!

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