Thursday, August 21, 2008

Faith in Christ is a Gift

The knowledge of the identity of Jesus as the Son of the Living God is not something which we can obtain through study or effort on our part. Rather, it is a gift from God, although we can dispose ourselves to receive it. We can wait patiently, begging our Lord to reveal Himself to us in an intimate manner, and trusting that He will do so. We can make acts of faith, trusting in the Church whom the Lord has established, sharing our faith with others. Then our knowledge will truly be that of the person of Jesus Christ and not merely in words.

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Lynette Schnitzius said...

Hello Father Joseph,
At our RCIA Inquiry session today we were talking about this truth. In the gospel for today Jesus told Peter that his knowledge about Jesus being the Christ was revealed to him by the Father.
AMEN to what you wrote in your blog!