Monday, August 18, 2008

A Personal Note on Bicycling

Today is a departure from the usual format of homilies and reflections on the Gospel. But I wanted to share that this Saturday, I will be participating in my first century, that is, a 100 mile bike ride. Depending on my experiences, you may read about it next week. I am pretty sure that I have a hundred miles in my legs. The challenge will be to eat and drink and keep the body at a reasonable temperature.

While on the subject, in September I will be in my first triathlon also. The biking distance will be considerably less, around 18 miles. But there will be a half mile swim and a 5k run to go along with it. Then in October, I will be embarking on a 150 mile bike ride over two days. Then we shall see what to do after all that.

I would appreciate any prayers for my safety and successful completion of these goals. Also pray for the safety of all the other participants, and that the parishioners also remain healthy during the short times which I will be gone to complete these rides.

Anyway, later I will upload yesterday's homily. Tomorrow will be a short reflection on the Gospel for next Sunday. God Bless and take care.


Anonymous said...

Father, if you are doing the HH100 in Wichita Falls, I wish you the best! I am going to be there as well although I am certain I don't have 100 miles in my legs. The first day of this year's MS150 almost did me in! Hope to see you there! Terri

Yusef said...

Yes, that is where I will be. We shall see what the legs actually have.