Sunday, June 13, 2010

What's New

Sorry folks for not updating with homilies and stuff. I have been preaching almost every Sunday. I have just been too lazy to upload the homilies to the blog. Maybe I will get back to it soon. If you want the short version of today's homily, here it is:
1] God really really loves you, more than you can imagine.
2] You cannot forgive your own sins - forgiveness is a grace received from God (see number 1)
3] Show your love back to God by loving Jesus with all your heart.
4] Do that by loving others
5] Go to confession every month- admit your sins and experience God's love
6] Do not wait until you have conquered whatever sin or weakness you have. You will not succeed (see number 2)
7] Do not worry about whether you might sin again, you probably will. (see number 1)

In other news, Father Marcus will be returning to his home diocese in Nigeria soon. It is a sad time for us. Father Marcus has given our parish many years of faithful and loving service. He is a excellent priest and has been a good friend also. May God bless him in his ministry back home. Another priest from Nigeria (Father Jacob) is being assigned as my Parochial Vicar, for which I am very grateful to both his bishop and mine. Father Marcus cannot be replaced, but I look forward to working with Father Jacob. The parish will benefit from his service.

One of the parishes near us lost their priest. As a result, I have been going there on many Sundays to celebrate their Spanish Mass. Thanks God that other priests have been taking care of the English liturgies. The people are very accomodating and friendly. But I am sure that they are hoping for their own parish priest soon. We must pray that our bishop can find someone to come and serve them.

Sometime this summer I plan to have my gall bladder removed. There has been increasing discomfort. And a loss of power on my bike. Furthermore, I have been very tired. Your prayers are deeply appreciated.

Have a blessed week.


Anonymous said...

Praying for ya Father!

Greg said...

Thanks Father for all the hard work you do. You are VERY appreciated!! Will be praying for you and your upcoming surgery.