Saturday, July 31, 2010

July things

Well, a lot more time passed since the last post than I had intended it to be. Things at work got really busy and then I decided to have the gall bladder surgery. That went pretty well. I discovered that I was allergic to the adhesive on the bandages. But now I do not need any, so my skin is healing.

At the beginning of July, our parish received a new priest to be Parochial Vicar (assistant parish priest) and a seminarian. They are both doing very well. The priest is an excellent preacher and is fitting into the parish quickly.

If his teaching style and ability are any indication, the seminarian will likewise be a very good preacher. God has been good to us.

This coming week I will be taking a few days off to rest and travel. I will be back for Thursday night Mass and Confessions on 12 August. In the meantime, I will remember everyone in my prayers.

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