Saturday, April 26, 2008

The Dogs are Barking

My feet hurt today. I rode the road bike this morning. My plan was to ride 30 miles, which I have done many times. But after 15, my knees were complaining, and I felt tired. By 5pm, my feet were also complaining. I believe the source of the problem is a new set of tyres I put on the bike a week ago. The bike was running Michelin 25's and I switched to Vittoria 23's. But that small difference is a bit much. The tires are really tight and one can feel the roads around here right through them. The ride is considerably rougher. (The roads in this part of the world are not very smooth, and have lots of patches on top of patches.) So I think I am going to switch back. My next new set will be 28.

This weekend, the deacons are preaching and giving me a break. I like to preach, but I am grateful for the time off. Next week is First Friday and I will make up for all the work I did not have to do.

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