Wednesday, April 16, 2008

These Words Are Pow'rf'l

Today is a beautiful day, in terms of the weather. It would be a great day to play some golf or ride the bike a few miles. But I am here at home not doing anything, all because of an upper respiratory infection. Well, really I am doing some things. There is morning Mass and the Liturgy of the Hours. Since the Holy Father is visiting, I can keep up with that on television. And I can read.

In today’s Gospel for Mass, Jesus indicated that He did not come here to condemn us. But that those who did not adhere to His word would be condemned by the word which they did not obey. In today’s world, many people ignore the power of words. They say jokingly “I lied,” not realizing that now they are liars. Or they make promises with little intention of keeping them, but out of convenience for something we want. In the ancient world (and the world in which Jesus lived), all words were meaningful. If you said something, there it was. You would be held to it. Whether they are written or only spoken, words are powerful instruments. By words creation came into being. By words people bind themselves into marriage. Words can hurt, words can heal. We really ought to be careful with the words we speak, and those we listen to also.

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