Friday, April 18, 2008

Resting All Week Has Made Me Tired

Today I went bicycling with a friend. The weather report indicated it would be sunny, which it was. But I forgot we were going around the lake. So it was very cold and windy. Because I really do not like being cold at any time, I brought extra clothes to wear and was therefore mostly comfortable. We did not go fast at all, but it was an enjoyable outing which improved my outlook on life. Being cooped up indoors for the whole week had begun to wear me down.

Tomorrow, I will be celebrating what I call an Explanation Mass, that is a Mass with a few talks attached to explain various aspects of the Liturgy. I am using notes previously compiled, but with a few additions. I will not be stopping to explain everything, just at a few choice times to give a mini-lecture over generalities. If there are questions, I do intend to address them. I hope it goes well.

One of the great aspects of the Catholic Liturgy is the rich amount of Holy Scripture used. On the other hand, sometimes that causes me trouble in deciding what exactly I should preach on. This Sunday’s readings, for example, contain so much that I almost do not know where to start or stop. But I have decided that I need to speak on the Royal Priesthood of the Baptized. Not many Baptized people realize that they are part of God’s priestly people, and as such should be looking to offer the Lord sacrifices of praise constantly. Most, it seems, are content to let others do the offering. Or at best, they wish to separate their religious life from the “regular life”, whereas there really is no separation in our being as Baptized persons- it is all “life.”

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